USB-SwitchC IEC the PC-controlled mains switch with IEC mains connectors
short description
  • PC-controlled mains switch with IEC mains plug and socket
  • USB device with appr. 2 m USB cable
  • Switches 230V / 10 A, max 2,300 W (single phase motor rating max. 550 W) using extremly reliable Finder®-Relais
  • Special version ATXX available which turns on with the PC
  • The control software ClewareControl for timed switching, USBswitch with a graphical user interface and USBswitchCmd for switching via command call is ready for download
  • No driver installation needed with Windows® Operating Systems since Windows® 2K (® Microsoft Windows is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.)
  • Application Program Interface for easy integration in user applikations
  • Linux support available
  • Access within LabView possible
  • RoHS, CE & EN60950 conform/ IP20
  • Any switch identifies with a unique serial number, so multiple USB-Switches at a single PC are possible
  • About 120 mA power consumption when turned on
  • For indoor use only
  • Software configurable as an USB-Switch ATXX, the device turns on when PC starts
  • 4 years warranty
  • Made in Germany
  • Device also available with about 3,7 m USB cable (USB-SwitchC IEC L)


The PC controlled power switch USB-SwitchC IEC turns devices operated at 230 V AC on and off. The maximum current is 10 A, resulting in a total load of 2.300 W (rated load AC1, non inductive). The single phase motor rating is 550 W. Please contact the manufacturer of the device to be switched for more information if you are in doubt. The USB-SwitchC IEC should be operated in inner rooms only and should be protected against humidity. The permissible operating temperature range is 10° - 60° Celsius.

The size of the switch is about 55 x 85 x 80 mm. Two about 0.5 m cables are mounted at the USB-SwitchC IEC, two wires uninterrupted and one wire lead through the switching relais. One cable ends in an IEC mains plug, the other one has an IEC mains socket mounted. It could be seen as an 1 m long PC mains extension cord with a computer controlled switch in the middle. A LED is located on top to indicate the switch state. The LED is red if the switch is off and it will turn to green if the switch is on.

The USB-SwitchC IEC is available in the ATXX version. This special mode turns on as soon as the USB controller inside the USB-Switch is powered on by the PC. This makes it possible to turn on devices with the PC the same way the pre-ATX power supplys have done. The switch capability is still available, so the power may turned off by the user at any time, e.g. to save power.

About 32 switches may be connected to a PC using several HUBs. The HUBs used must use a separate power supply. When using Cleware USB devices it is not neccessary to install device drivers. The standard USB drivers are sufficient. So the system stability will not be harmed.

The USB-SwitchC IEC will be delivered with the software ClewareControl for displaying and switching. For easy access a very simple graphical program called USBswitch controls the switch just by clicking on icons. And for integration in batch programs, a command line tool USBswitchCMD is availableThe software is running with Windows® 98, Windows® 98 SE, Windows® ME, Windows® 2000, Windows® XP and Windows® .NET. (® Microsoft Windows is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation).

The software ClewareControl may turn the USB-SwitchC IEC into a time switch. Different repeat interval, start and end times may be specified. Some very interesting applications could be created with the combination of an USB-SwitchC IEC with an USB-Temp sensor. The software ClewareControl will then turns the USB-SwitchC IEC on and off in direct reaction of the temperature measured by the sensor. This could be used to control heating or cooling devices.

The application ClewareControl could be also used to turn the USB-SwitchC IEC into a time clock. Up to 256 different time actions may be defined for each connected USB-SwitchC IEC. This includes actions based on the day of the week or day in month. In addition repeat intervals form several hours down to 3 seconds may be defined.

The USB-SwitchC IEC may also be controlled via the network when operated with ClewareControl. The connection is established with the TCP/IP protocol. On the remote control PC the USB-SwitchC IEC appears like a local device and could be handled the same way. Several devices even on different PCs could be controlled simultaniously.

An application program interface (API) to drive the USB-SwitchC IEC from customer programs is part of the delivery. The API bundles some very simple functions for opening and reading the device. The complex USB device handling is hided.

Linux support is also available. An application program interface (API) and a simple example for turning an USB-SwitchC IEC is supplied.

Every Cleware device identifies with an unique serial number. This make it easy to identify the devices even when the USB plug position changes or new USB devices are connected. The serial number is accessible through the API and could therefore be used as a simple dongle.

Please note:
PC programs may fail or may be interfeared through other programs. Don't connect devices to the USB-SwitchC IEC that may cause harm if the switch turns on unexpected!

The usage of the USB-SwitchC IEC is strictly prohibited when the failure of the sensor will harm people.