USB-Switch8 pin plug
short description
  • aaa
  • 8 reliable power relays each connected to 3 pin plug connectors to access opening and closing contacts
  • 3 A @ 30 V maximum at each relay
  • every relais is electrically insulated from each other
  • API for easy integration in user applications
  • The control software ClewareControl for timed switching, USBswitch with a graphical user interface and USBswitchCmd for switching via command call is ready for download
  • No driver installation needed with Windows® OS except NT (® Microsoft Windows is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.
  • Linux support available.
  • RoHS, CE & EN60950 conform/ IP30
  • 2 USB connectors with 1.9 m USB cables.
  • Every device shows up with a unique serial number, so several of these devices could be used with one PC
  • For indoor use only
  • 4 years warranty
  • Made in Germany


For experimental use or test fields we offer a device with 8 power relays, the USB Switch8 pin plug. Each of the 8 relays is separated completely from each other. Each relay may drive up to 3 A at 30V DC. Every opening and closing contact is connected to a separate pin plug.

To supply of the relays with the necessary power a second USB connection is used. Two USB cables are already installed at the device for this purpose.

The usage of the device is strictly prohibited when the failure of the device will harm people. The usage in medical applications of any kind request the written permission of the Cleware GmbH.