USB-Multiplexer 1x8  
short description
  • PC-controlled 1x8 Multiplexer for USB devices
  • input-ports: 1 x USB A-Port
  • output-ports: 8x USB A-Ports
  • Connection for Control-PC: 1 x USB B-Port
  • Additional: Device available with buttons to control connection manually
  • Disconnects and connects power and data offset in time, as inserted by hand - ideal for USB endurance tests
  • Turns USB loads up to 1 A
  • Controlled USB connection is galvanically isolated from the USB multiplexer 2x4
  • aluminum housing: 172 mm x 104 mm x 42 mm
  • Application Program Interface for easy integration in user applikations
  • The control software ClewareControl for timed switching, USBswitch with a graphical user interface and USBswitchCmd for switching via command call is ready for download
  • No driver installation needed with Windows® variants that support USB.
    (® Microsoft Windows is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.)
  • Linux support now available
  • RoHS, CE & EN60950 conform/ IP20
  • identificationabout a unique serial number
  • 4 years warranty
  • Made in Germany


The USB 1x8 multiplexer is often used in test environments or for uploading a variety of software for the PC configuration, eg with different bootable USB sticks.

With the USB multiplexer, you can connect one system with 8 different USB devices, but there is only one connection actice.

To control the USB multiplexer, a PC with a USB port is required. Addition, you need the appropriate interface cable for the control PC and a USB B connector.

The USB Multiplexer 1x8can be controlled (switching via command call) by means of our PC software ClewareControl, USBswitch or USBswitchCmd. The software runs under Windows ® - operating systems. (® Microsoft Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation) For Linux a program interface and a simple example application is in source code.

The USB 1x8 multiplexer is only for indoor use and should be protected from hummidity. The permissible temperature range for operation of the device is between 10 ° and 80 ° Celsius.

A special feature is the fact that you do not need to install any drivers for the device. The existing USB drivers are sufficient. Thus, the system stability is maintained.

Please note:
PC programs may fail or may be interfeared through other programs. Don't connect devices to the USB-Connect that may cause harm if the switch turns on unexpected!